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LANG with new quick clamping system for machine tables and automation pallets

Clamping bar meets machine table - an all new clamping concept

At the start of EMO 2023 in Hanover, LANG presents Quick•Point® Rail, a completely new clamping concept for machine tables and pallet systems. It is based on clamping bars that are attached directly to slot tables and pallets with a hole pattern without having to modify or prepare them. Instead of a zero point base plate, zero point risers or centering vises are mounted directly on the clamping bar. The innovative approach offers enormous cost-saving potential, especially for high volumes in automation systems. With Quick•Point® Rail, maximum setup speed and flexibility are guaranteed. In less than two minutes, the quick clamping system can be mounted and is ready for operation.

Thanks to the seamless connection of clamping and additional extension bars, the zero point units or 5-Axis Vises matching the system can be positioned absolutely variably - at lightning speed and with maximum precision. With the quick clamping system, Quick•Point® becomes a movable zero point clamping system, which solves the requirements of the respective clamping task as needed and cost-efficiently. By using Quick•Point® on the rail system, LANG's zero point system becomes even more powerful and offers numerous possibilities for optimizing your production processes!


Maximum flexibility and a wide range of applications

Clamping bars are available in two lengths with and without predefined mounting holes. They are positioned and fastened either directly in the grooves of the machine tables or on fixtures / pallets with existing threaded holes. The shorter extension bars complement the clamping bars. The rails are clamped by means of a pressure rod inside the clamping device which engages in the serration of the clamping bar. Thanks to the dovetail guide and the pull-down effect, the connection between the bar and the clamping device is absolutely robust and resilient.

Depending on the requirements and application or the available space on the machine table, one or more rail clamping devices can be placed absolutely freely and flexibly on the bars. The clamping devices can be moved at 4 mm intervals or at the usual 96 mm intervals making use of a snap-in function.

Further information can be found here: Quick•Point® Rail quick clamping system

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