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Zero-point clamping system as a combo solution

Two different grid dimensions in one zero-point unit - Selected plate types from LANG Technik's zero-point clamping system are now available as a combo version. LANG thereby combines its two zero-point grids 52 and 96 mm, enabling the user to clamp the complete range of applicable LANG vises in the same zero-point unit. The flexibility of the mechanical zero-point clamping system is further increased in terms of application versatility, while at the same time it reduces the time required for changeovers. In smaller machine tools with little travel in the z-direction, the elimination of an additional adapter plate can also be helpful. The combo plates are available in square as well as in round design, as well as in a version with a clamping edge. LANG also offers its combo solution as a 5-axis riser and as a twin base for 3-axis machines and rotaries.